Two teams of four players each (consisting of three celebrities and one contestant) play a series of games all while driving each other crazy. While the celebrities played for laughs, the civilian players compete for the right to win $25,000.

Main GameEdit

Five games are played each week and on each game, the teams try to score points for the contestants. The first two games are worth 1 point per correct answer, the next two are worth 2 point per correct answer and the final game is worth 5 points an answer with the team in the lead going first.

On games played against the clock, the time limit is generally 90 seconds. Two games are played for two minutes.

The contestant with the most points at the end of play won the game. For the first three seasons, if the match ends in a tie, the contestant who's team won more games is declared the winner. Starting in season four, ties are broken with a Celebrity Spell-Off; where the contestants pong spell a celebrity's name. The first contestant to give a wrong letter or run out of time loses the game. The winning contestant advanced to the $25,000 bonus round.

Celebrity Name Game (Bonus Round)Edit

In the bonus game called "Celebrity Name Game" the winning contestant chooses one of the six celebrities to play with. The chosen celebrity describes a different celebrity as best as he/she can for the contestant to guess. Now these are all currently living ones (no dead ones). A correct answer or pass moved on to the next celebrity. There's no limit to how many celebrity names there are, though occasionally, a celebrity could come back to "haunt them". Each correct answer awarded $1,000 to both players (not just the contestant like in most celebrity game shows). Identifying 10 celebrities in 90 seconds or less won $25,000 for the contestant and $10,000 for the celebrity. All money won by the celebrity is donated his/her favorite charity.